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Groundbreaking social psychologist Carol Gilligan

Today to continue our series on feminists we will briefly look at the life and work of Carol Gilligan, psychologist, feminist, ethicist, and major influence in the field of feminism today.


Carol Sullivan received her Ph.d in social psychology from Harvard University. She started teaching at Harvard University in 1967 and left in 2002 to teach at New York University.


Carol Sullivan is currently a visiting professor at Cambridge University and and a resident professor at New York University.


Carol Sullivan is the founder of difference feminism which supports the premise that men and women are different and these differences must be respected they they do not necessarily have to be considered equal. She was a pioneer in feminist psychology during the 70s and the second wave of feminism.

Carol Sullivan is best known for her book In a Different Voice which is a criticism of Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development where he states that girls develop a lower level of morality. She maintains that Kohlberg tested mostly boys and therefore did not get a good representation of girls to make that kind of judgment. Incidentally Lawrence Kohlberg was one of her professors.

There is a great video featuring Carol Gilligan which helps us to understand her better. I recommend that you listen to it.

Carol Gilligan is one of my favorite psychologists and feminists.

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