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Ground meat recall: June 2013

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Here we go again. Yet another ground beef recall. This time, suspect 10 pound packages of ground meat were processed at National Beef Packing Company of Liberal, Kansas and shipped to at least 13 states including Texas. So Fort Worth, if you've been ground beef shopping at your favorite grocery store, look out for the following:

National Beef” 80/20 Coarse Ground Chuck, package code “0481
National Beef” 81/19 Coarse Ground Beef, package code “0421
National Beef” 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck, package code “0484

The packages of ground meat have a use/sell by date of June 14, 2013, and bear the establishment number “EST. 208A” inside the USDA mark of inspection, according to a press release by the FSIS. The beef was produced on May 25, 2013, and shipped to retail here to read more.

E. Coli is again the suspect culprit and the government authority suggests that consumers ensure that ground meats are cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees to ensure that the bacteria has been killed.

Concerned about food safety yet love meatloaf and burgers? How about processing your own meats? Grinders are available at Lowes, K-Mart, Sears, and if you have a KitchenAid brand mixer, you can get a grinder attachment.

Which cuts are best? Well, the great thing about processing your own, is that you can mix and match beef/lamb, pork/beef, or whatever you'd here for some beef cut suggestions.

All these recalls starting to scare you? You may be happy to learn that animal/fish/poultry protein sources are not the only way to get protein into your diet. Beans (especially rice and beans together), quinoa, tofu, and nuts are some alternatives.

What's your favorite protein source?