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Gross! Ohio man admits to raping female corpses

Kenneth Douglas confessed to something terrible
Kenneth Douglas confessed to something terrible

Hamilton, Ohio: A morgue worker has confessed to sexually assaulting as many as 100 female corpses between the years 1976 and 1992. This Monday morning report shows that Kenneth Douglas, who worked the night shift during the time of the assaults, began committing the crimes when he was just 19-years-old. He blames drugs and alcohol for his actions, but it doesn't seem like a common occurrence for drug or alcohol users to participate in necrophilia for years at a time. Douglas's preferred victims were young women, and the details just keep getting worse.

One of his reported victims was a 23-year-old pregnant woman who had been strangled the day before he assaulted her. Another young victim was only 19-years-old. The man's own wife suspected that he may have been having sex with dead women. She reportedly told police that he "reeked of sex" when she picked him up from work, and that she'd reported it but nothing came of it. One has to wonder why this woman remained his wife after suspecting that he was defiling the bodies of his community's loved ones.

There are a lot of details in this case that aren't being shared with the public, and probably for good reason. With at least 100 deceased women victimized by this man, law enforcement officials have a lot of families to comfort and console. These victims were murder victims and people who had died before their time. He targeted people who could not consent in the most stark way imaginable, and he committed the downright unthinkable. Disturbingly enough, Kenneth Douglas isn't the only American necrophiliac to hit media reports in recent years. Back in 2007 a Pennsylvania man named Roderick Jones was busted for attempting to rape a corpse in a funeral home. It turned out that this wasn't his first offense. He had also been convicted of abuse of a corpse back in 1999.