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Groove with Me - Vibe to a soulful beat at Allure

Looking for a fun-filled evening, complete with live music, a friendly, mature crowd and great Southern food? Well look no further than Allure Restaurant & Lounge, 1508 S. Mint St. It's a quaint venue nestled in between the seemingly quiet outskirts of downtown.

"Soul Stage" is an exciting event held Wednesdays at Allure and features ‘Open-mic' night, with a cool, laid-back style. The engaging host, "Q" (who also plays the role of poet, singer and comedian) introduces volunteers from the audience to showcase their singing talent. The brilliant R & B band, Intertwine performs the instrumentals to the select songs. It's amazing how talented this band is. You will truly be impressed by their innate ability to play a song exactly as it was originally recorded. You may catch yourself swaying from side-to-side and singing along with the performers.

The night I attended "Soul Stage", I had the pleasure to meet drummer Chris Kee, who is the son of famed gospel artist, John P. Kee. Chris was also featured on MTV's "Making His Band" and won the honor to perform with P. Diddy on his upcoming "Last Train to Paris" tour.

Even if you aren't there for the music, you should try out some of the menu items. Allure offers a variety of eats, with a Southern flare. Any music enthusiast will enjoy the vibe this Wednesday night experience exhibits. You will leave feeling fulfilled, inspired and ready to dig into your own bag (albeit a very stylish bag) of talents, which you will hopefully share with the world one day…one day very soon.


  • Sonya 5 years ago

    Great article! I am very interested in checking this spot out thanks to this very intriguing article thanks to Alexis.

  • BIG D 5 years ago

    Nice little article! I will have to check it out!

  • Letitia - New Orleans Beauty Examiner 5 years ago

    Sounds like just my kind of spot. I must visit when I make my way to Charlotte.

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