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Groom Squared

Groom Squared
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Would you watch a gay version of The Bachelor or Bachelorette? This question recently came up to Juan Pablo, the current bachelor on the hit ABC show. A radio station asked him if he thought it would work in the eyes of the audience. He basically said that it wouldn't work because gay people are more “pervert” and that America wouldn't know how to handle that level of affection. Of course, ABC immediately defended their viewpoints by detaching themselves from Pablo and his homophobic response. Pablo also went to his social media outlets to apologize for his opinion defending that English is his second language, therefore saying the word pervert is not what he meant. “Pervert” in Spanish is el perverso in case you were wondering the huge language barrier.

So, the fact that someone was asking Juan Pablo this question could mean that ABC has thought of this and it might actually happen? It would definitely be a groundbreaking decision for the network and would absolutely cause a ruckus throughout the world. With progressive shows like Modern Family, Glee and The New Normal becoming, well the new normal, it shouldn't be a surprise if a gay version of the bachelor happens. Would you tune in?