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Groom arrested after allegedly hitting on pregnant waitress at wedding

Wedding ring
Wedding ring
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In shocking news, a groom was arrested after allegedly hitting on a pregnant waitress at his wedding. That was taking things a bit too far, but of course is not what put him behind bars. On Tuesday, Fox News shared about this big arrest and how it all went down.

Reports are that this groom first off got handsy with the waitress and then wanted her to drink. He tried to pour alcohol down her throat, but she was pregnant. Next he ended up in an altercation with her boyfriend and that is what landed him in jail eventually. Mark Williams faced several charges. They were riot, harassment and resisting arrest.

His brother ended up in trouble too. He is an off-duty state trooper and got himself into trouble when he allegedly assaulted to officers on the scene of the accident. His brother David got all of the exact same charges as Mark plus obstructing law enforcement and disorderly conduct. It is still unknown what Mark's new wife thought about the entire situation.