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Grocery stores: where to shop for what


Go and Buy!

There are so many options for grocery shopping these days that it can get pretty confusing on where to go for what.  Below is a breakdown of some of the grocery stores in Columbus and what they are best for.

Kroger/Giant Eagle: A typical grocery store with all of the everyday foods and household cleaning supplies you could ask for.  Both contain bakeries, delis and meat counters.  Most stores have a pharmacy and a large amount of beauty products.  Located: Throughout Columbus

Costco/Sam's Club: Wholesale stores that offer large portions and packages of many common foods.  These stores have bakeries for fresh bread and customized cakes, meat departments for fresh meat and fish and a wide variety of prepared foods.  They also have a great amount of fresh produce to offer.  Wholesale stores like these require you to purchase a membership before you are able to shop.  It is worth looking into if you go through large quantities of food.  Located: Costco is only at Polaris, Sam's Club is located throughout Columbus, Sawmill, Easton and Grove City.

Walmart/Meijer: These superstores offer many services besides grocery, bakery, deli and meat departments.  Many times you can come to a superstore like this to get all of the household, yard, and automotive things you need as well as your weekly food list.  Many superstores offer tire and oil change services as well as an in house paint store.  They also sell furniture and seasonal decorative items for your home. Located: throughout Columbus

Trader Joe's: This specialty grocery store offers many healthy and natural food options.  With only two locations in Columbus, Easton and Sawmill, this store is always very busy with people buying specialty cheeses, wines, meats, nut butters, and snacks.  This store offers some hard to find products at lower prices than grocery stores.  They have a huge frozen section which includes things like: fruit, meatless meals, prepared pizzas and appetizers, ice creams, seafood and prepared dinners.  Located: Easton and Sawmill

Whole Foods: This store sells high quality natural and organic products of all kinds.  They have a large fresh produce section as well as some of the best prepared foods you can buy.  They off many walk up counters where you can talk to the people about the products you are buying such as: seafood, poultry and meat, coffee, cheese, tea and supplements.  They also have a large restaurant in the store.  While prices are usually higher than regular grocery stores, you are paying for the natural and organic ingredients.  Located: Sawmill and Lane Ave.