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Grits: All natural delicious staple goes from the farm to your table

After discovering the tasty Southern staple on a hungry college night, Gayla's Grits take the South by surprise.

Delicious, healthy, gluten-free grits produced from the heart and soil of Lakeland, Georgia.
Delicious, healthy, gluten-free grits produced from the heart and soil of Lakeland, Georgia.
Gayla's Grits
Gayla's Grits the healthiest and most innovative grits in the nation.
Gayla's Grits, Georgia Olive Farms, Georgia Grown, Sandra Deal

As of March 14, 2014, the Georgia farmers continue to sell over 20,000 pounds of the finest tasting grits yearly.

"A night of extreme hunger," said Gayla Shaw "led to the initiative of Gayla's Grits."

It was midnight when college students Gayla, Kevin and his cousin Jason, now Georgia State Rep. James S. "Jason" Shaw made the initial discovery.

Kevin and Gayla just started dating and the then college students found themselves "absolutely starving," in front of an almost empty refrigerator.

There was a bag of grits in the freezer, mozzarella cheese and sour cream in the fridge, after combining all the ingredients the initial recipe for Gayla's Signature Mozzarella Grits was created.

Gayla's grits are unique in their taste but they are also known for their health benefits.

The use of white corn, heirloom (not genetically modified) seeds combined with a unique process of grinding the corn by stone puts Gayla's Grits in a class of their own.

The enclosed temperature-controlled stone mill is dedicated exclusively for grinding the corn for Gayla's Grits.

By controlling the environment the process enables a gluten-free environment with the capacity for superior freshness with no preservatives.

The Georgia farmers refuse to cut corners in an effort to maintain the quality and integrity of their 100 percent all natural grits.

Their main and only ingredient: Stone Ground White Corn. This makes Gayla's grits one of the most healthiest and filling dishes to enjoy.

Nutritional information is posted on Gayla's Grit's packaging.

Peak season starts around Thanksgiving and Christmas but recently orders are coming in from all around the world.

Gayla's Grits are an inexpensive source of healthy fuel that taste delicious and are easy to enjoy. The grits also make great holiday and special occasion gifts.

The Southern way to prepare grits is a well known process of long-cooking, stone-ground grits and taking the liberty to get creative.

Butter, salt, shrimp, cheese and pretty much anything you can think of can be combined with Gayla's Grits to make a tasty dish. Make sure to visit their recipe page for more ideas.

The use of a unique process which captures the rich nutrients maximizes the crops' potential by taking control of the growing, cultivating and milling process.

The Shaw family is known for their integrity when producing fine high-quality crops such as: corn, cotton, peanuts, wheat and olives. Taste and quality are never sacrificed.

"Thanksgiving until Christmas are peak seasons for round containers and small bags but bulk orders for restaurants and global consumers are processed all year long." said Kevin Shaw.

Like their grits, the Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by the Shaw family are also in a class of their own. Growing and processing crops in a natural delicate manner at their Lakeland Mills have allowed the Georgia farmers to enterprise the American Dream: Living Off the Land.

The Georgia farmers recommend cold storage immediately after the grinding process because it slows down oxidation which helps maintain freshness. Grits can be shipped anywhere within the United States as well as overseas.

Restaurants and homes wanting to introduce a little Southern Flare into their meal should visit Gayla's Grits ordering site.

For more information for personal or commercial consumption please visit Gayla's Grits home page, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube

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