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GrinOn Industries: Local company limiting wait times

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Remember seeing a music group perform that great song, or watching your favorite football team score on a 90 yard play? If you were there but missed it, chances are, you were in line waiting for a beer. These situations are occurring more frequently as our passion for live entertainment continues to grow.

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Many of us try to find the optimal time to visit a concession stand during an event only to discover the people in front of us are placing orders for multiple beers with one bartender. This is very common; however it does present a problem. Most bartenders utilize both hands to prepare a draft beer (one hand to control the tap and the other to hold the glass/cup), which is necessary for most tap systems, however, it does take some time to achieve, resulting in the formation of lines at concession stands. As mentioned in a CNN story in February, 2011, GrinOn Industries founder Josh Springer decided to directly address this problem, without creating additional concession stands.

There’s an old saying that reads; “don’t reinvent the wheel”. GrinOn Industries isn’t re-inventing the wheel; they’re merely pointing it in a different direction. This new direction has led to a device that maximizes efficiency, which leads to shorter concession lines and establishes a level of consistency among draft beer orders.

This particular device, known as Bottoms Up was created in a garage and is the key component to filling multiple draft beer orders simultaneously. Here’s how it works. The cup or glass is actually filled from the bottom instead of poured from the top. This revolutionary approach eliminates the need to control a tap handle when filling an order. The actual device that dispenses the beer is programmable, which automates the filling process, and essentially eliminates any potential for over or under fill. The end result is a hands free perfectly filled draft beer to exact volume in a matter of seconds, with no waste, reducing cost and maximizing overall efficiency, which results in shorter lines.

If this wasn’t innovative enough, GrinOn Industries has created a product line for the home user. They have a wide range of options from personalized dispensers to portable coolers for the ultimate tailgate package. Even though the options seem to be limitless, one thing is certain, if the venue has Bottoms Up, wait times are limited.


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