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'Grimm' visits a Russian healer

Renard: "They aren’t certain of anything except you and I pose a great threat."
Renard: "They aren’t certain of anything except you and I pose a great threat."
Scott Green/NBC

“To kill Koschei the Deathless, first you must find his soul, which is hidden in an egg, in a duck in a lead chest buried beneath an oak tree.”

Adalind: "Why are you in Vienna? Did you miss me?"
Scott Green/NBC

“Red Menance” is tonight’s episode of “Grimm.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “Grimm” airs Friday nights at 8 on NBC.

The case of the episode is strange. A waiter is murdered for his uniform, and then the waiter’s attacker goes and attacks Boris, a Russian healer (and a Wesen). Then, Boris kills the waiter’s attacker. It is a strange case. There is a lot going on. It’s not the most entertaining case, but it is always interesting to learn about another Wesen. Did you enjoy the case?

After telling Adalind that he knows she is pregnant, Renard returns to Portland. His entire trip to Vienna was interesting. Some answers were given, but he is much more entertaining when he is working with Nick and Hank. Renard is another useful source, but Nick still has not let Renard in completely. He hasn’t shown Renard the trailer, which is a smart choice. Nick's partnership with Renard has been great to watch. It is definitely better now than in earlier seasons when Nick wasn't aware of Renard, and only discussed normal police things with him. Did you enjoy seeing Renard back in Portland?

Juliette’s friend Alicia decides to leave her abusive husband. As it turns out, Alicia is Wesen. This turns out to be an interesting storyline. It shows a lighter side to Juliette, as well as showing how much she looks out for her friends. Surprisingly, Nick does not clue Alicia in on him being a grimm. It’s understandable when he first sees her Wesen out, but at the end of the episode, there was an opening for Nick to say something. Perhaps the writers want to have that moment in the next episode. What did you think of the storyline?

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