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‘Grimm’ spoilers, season 4 news: Wedding alters Nick's journey in season finale

David Giuntoli plays a lead character on Grimm
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

The fans of “Grimm” are expecting a wedding on Friday night and with the grandiose celebration should come some serious darkness. As viewers know, “Grimm” isn’t the typical show so a little dark side focus has to be expected. This “Grimm” spoiler offers details about the season finale so fans who don’t want to know details about the episode "Blond Ambition" should turn away now. According to Latin Post on Thursday, the wedding of Monroe and Rosalee will take a backseat to all heartache around the couple set to exchange nuptials.

One detail that fans will find amusing during the show is the necessity for Nick to wear those sunglasses which may or may not keep his secret quiet. The show ends a whirlwind with cliffhangers for season four. According to TV Line viewers will agree that Nick Burkhardt’s journey is altered forever after a catastrophic event and someone is going to get hurt. It leaves fans to wonder what Trubel will do to shake up the celebration and there is no doubt this character will become really violent once again.

The cliffhangers on the season finale will definitely kick off speculation for season four. Hollywood Hills is reporting on Friday that the story will pick up again in the fall. Looking to push the characters forward in their lives, the fans will have more questions than answers over the summer, but with NBC renewing the show there is no doubt there will be answers at some point in the near future.

When viewers heard that NBC renewed “Grimm” for a season four, there was a cheer from the fan base. The show has become wildly popular and viewers turn in every week to find out what happens next. With season four on the way, the fans will continue to see the characters after the summer hiatus.

The “Grimm” season finale airs Friday on NBC at 9 p.m. ET.

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