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'Grimm' finale preview: Major cliffhanger for Nick and Juliette teased

Last season, fans of "Grimm" saw a finale episode that ended with Nick being turned into a zombie. For season three, the finale is a bit more personal. Not only will fans see Monroe and Rosalee get married during the episode, but Adalind is up to her tricks again as well. On May 10, Spoiler TV shared two sneak peeks for the season three finale, "Grimm" episode 3x22 titled "Blonde Ambition."

Will the real Juliette please stand up?
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The first sneak peek features fake Juliette and Captain Renard. Adalind has cast a spell that has allowed her to take on Juliette's appearance. This clip shows Renard coming to Juliette to tell her that Adalind had broken into her and Nick's home. Fake Juliette decides to bring up the former spell that had Renard and Juliette obsessed with each other. She even kisses him before the clip end.

The second sneak peek features the wedding rehearsal for Monroe and Rosalee's wedding. The main cast is all in attendance. The woman conducting the ceremony does find it odd that Nick is wearing sunglasses, and she asks him about it. Everyone speaks up about some issue with his vision, and she quickly decides to let the glasses and their weirdness go.

David Giuntoli did tease to TV Guide that the wedding and episode is one big commercial for sunglasses because Nick cannot take them off. It could cause big problems if any of the wesen guests at the wedding realize he is a grimm. However, the Adalind issue may cause big problems for Nick and Juliette.

In fact, Bitsie Tulloch reveals that there will be a big cliffhanger because of the events of the season finale and what happens to the couple. Adalind is definitely a troublemaker. Fans will need to tune in to find out what she has planned for Juliette and Nick. One would think the fact they helped her with her baby would get them some understanding from Adalind, but she is still ready for battle.

NBC has renewed "Grimm" for a fourth season, so fans will see more action out of Nick and the gang next fall. What do you think? Are you ready to see what Adalind is up to? Share your comments below.

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