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'Grimm's' Reggie Lee discusses what's next for Wu

GRIMM -- "Mommy Dearest" Episode 314 -- Pictured: Reggie Lee as Sgt. Wu
GRIMM -- "Mommy Dearest" Episode 314 -- Pictured: Reggie Lee as Sgt. Wu
Scott Green/NBC

The Friday, March 7 episode of "Grimm" focused on Sergeant Wu, and recently, we joined a conference call with Reggie Lee to get the scoop on what's coming up next.

Lee likes that there are people on "Grimm" who don't know the truth because it keeps the balance, which he sees as important for the show. But there are shows where everyone knows what's going on, and they each have their purpose in the fight. "It's kind of interesting to have some kind of balance in the show where someone doesn't know and some people know," he said. "And it needs that because if everyone knew it would just be, like, all about solving the crimes versus, "Oh, God, we've got to keep this secret from some people and not tell them.""

At the end of the episode, we saw that Wu's having trouble dealing with what he saw, but what does that mean about what comes next? "It was never the way I thought it would end or the way I thought I would react. Let's put it that way," the actor admitted. "So it's definitely one that I've had to take into account because it'll linger on for a little bit. So we'll see." He later added, "It's like there are little hints here and there that are kind of funny that you'll see. And yes, this effect on me lingers. It'll linger for quite a bit. And it'll probably linger through the rest of the season. But he's a sharp guy, so there's some real wonderful moments here and there as we go through the season that he's like, "Hmmm. Hmmm. What are you doing here? Why are you spending so much time with this person? I have no idea why, but something – there's something here." So I just laugh at those moments in the script because for you guys that follow the show on a very close basis it's going to be a treat. It's a treat to see these little moments that Wu has through the season."

Where will this take Wu moving forward? Will he delve deeper to try to get answers to the questions he now has that he's seen something? "The effect of it being humongous for me. I think that's going to have to subside before I decide one way or the other," Lee previewed. "And you'll be surprised I think at which person in the cast sways me to one way or the other because it's not one that you'd expect."

Meanwhile, the episode also briefly touched upon Wu's love life, as he had feelings for his married friend, so is there hope for a love interest in his future? Lee hopes so. "I think that you may see it. I think again, we all have our lanes on the show," he explained. "I think there needs to be a balance on the show of couples and people that are not coupled, like people that know and people that don't know."

Finally, expect "complete chaos" when it comes to the royal baby. "The things that I've read have really been fantastic in terms of the way this baby is used to sway emotion in so many different people. And it'll hit probably almost every single cast member, this baby," he teased.

"Grimm" airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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