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'Grimm' meets Monroe's parents

Hank: "Well this killer definitely has an issue with authority."
Hank: "Well this killer definitely has an issue with authority."
Scott Green/NBC

“Come back in the evening, I’ll have the door locked to keep out the wild huntsmen.”

Rosalee: "Are we celebrating something?"
Scott Green/NBC

“The Good Hunt” is tonight’s episode of “Grimm.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “Grimm” returns Feb. 28th on NBC.

There is a case in this episode, but you have to search for it. Also, it goes unsolved. This is definitely unusual. Nick and Hank visit a couple crime scenes and hit up Aunt Marie’s trailer. It would have been nice to spend a little bit more time doing police things. There isn’t much headway made on the case. Juliette, on the other hand, is making decent progress. It is interesting that we are keeping up with Nick’s mom while she is off screen. This has been useful so far, but it does take you a minute to remember what was going on when she left. What are your thoughts?

What the writers could have done is cut back on the Vienna storyline. However, this Vienna storyline wasn’t too difficult to follow during this episode. Usually the time spent in Vienna is confusing because the characters aren’t always named, but the writers did a good job reminding people of who everyone is. The politics are less clear, as usual. It seems like Viktor is closing in on Renard, and now he is aware of the possibility that Renard may be the father of Adalind’s baby. All of the Vienna storylines so far feels like a set up to a big showdown, so there definitely is potential for things to get exciting. Right now, it is a little boring, although Adalind’s creepy baby adds some thrill. What are your thoughts on what is happening in Vienna?

Monroe and Rosalee are engaged! The proposal was adorable and very Monroe-like. Now that we’ve had the Rosalee family drama, it is Monroe’s turn. His family is very old fashioned. It would be helpful to know what most Wesen families think of mixed Wesen couples. Monroe talks as if his parents are acting very old fashioned and that no one really cares about mixed couples anymore. That being said, it is nice to learn a bit more about Monroe’s family. Plus, talk about that cliffhanger! What do you think will happen? Anyone else thinking Monroe is going to be the one who gets hurt?

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