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'Grimm' learns the struggles of being Wesen

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“I am glad ‘tis night, you do not look on me, for I am much ashamed of my exchange.”

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“Eyes of the Beholder” is tonight’s episode of “Grimm.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. To review the last case file, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “Grimm” airs Friday nights at 8 on NBC.

In this episode, Nick and Hank find out that basically everyone is a Wesen. Seriously, there are surprise Wesen reveals around every corner, and even though viewers already know that Alicia is a Wesen, it still plays a big part of the episode. It’s a little weird having everyone Nick or Hank know turn out to be a Wesen. Alright, so it is not everyone, but it feels that way in this episode. Hank’s physical therapist? Wesen. See, it’s almost like everyone. Did you feel a little overwhelmed with all the Wesens or do you not mind? Personally, it would be okay if someone was a plain human.

There are two awesome moments in Juliette’s storyline. First is her conversation with Rosalee about why Alicia is being cagey about being a Wesen. None of the Wesen that we have come across have tried to hide it from someone who flat out says they know the other person is a Wesen. Rosalee offers great insight into the mind of a Wesen who is or was ashamed of who they are. It’s a different insight into the Wesen world, and it showcases Juliette’s and Rosalee’s friendship. The second awesome moment is Juliette kicking Joe’s ass. Where did all those skills come from? Maybe after learning about the Grimm thing and being put in a supernatural coma, Juliette decided to expand her self-defense skills. What was your favorite moment out of those two?

Here are quick thoughts on elsewhere in the episode. The case of the episode is alright. There is not a focus on the case aspect, but rather the personal connection. Hank is more involved in the case, which is nice to see. Normally the focus is on Nick, since he is the grimm and main character of the show and all, so it is nice to spend more time with Hank. The slightly normal, daily things Juliette and Nick go through has been fun to watch. It seems like it has been awhile since they weren’t dealing with something life and death, although the Alicia situation isn’t completely routine. What did you think of the episode?

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