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'Grimm' 3x22 'Blond Ambition': Two Juliettes and a Wesen wedding

Monroe: "Yeah, no, he's gotta wear them cause it's like a light sensitivity issue."
Monroe: "Yeah, no, he's gotta wear them cause it's like a light sensitivity issue."
Photo Courtesy Of Scott Green/NBC

“Turn back, turn back, thou pretty bride, within this house thou must not abide. For here do evil things betide.”

Bart: "I want to wish Rosalee and Monroe a long, happy, mysterious life together."
Photo Courtesy of Scott Green/NBC

“Blond Ambition” is the May 16 episode of “Grimm.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “Grimm” returns this fall on NBC.

Adalind as Juliette isn't all that exciting, actually. It doesn't take up the entire episode, and she really is only Juliette like twice. Adalind!Juliette going to Renard does not make any sense. She wanted to do a test run, but then makes out with him, thus tipping him off to something strange happening. It’s unnecessary. What’s also surprising is that it isn't clear that Adalind!Juliette is stealing Nick’s powers. She just sleeps with him and dashes off. What did you think of Adalind as Juliette?

Nick's relationship with Trubel has been the best thing to come out of this season. They have such a great relationship, and she is a very interesting character. I hope she sticks around. There is still a lot Nick can teach her. At the very least, it would be nice to see Nick sort of help Trubel set up how she is going to live her life as a grimm. She needs to learn how to do what she does without attracting the cops' attention, although her fingerprints and blood are all over the crime scene that is Nick's house, so things don't look good for her.

Trubel and Renard have a nice chit chat, you know before the Wesen FBI agent shoots Renard a couple times and then goes after Trubel. I will say, it is a little weird how open Trubel is to Renard about what she saw. Maybe she trusts him because Renard knows Nick, and I mean she knows Hank is aware of the Wesen situation. Still, I felt like it was strange for her to be that open to a complete stranger, a cop no less. Did anyone else find Trubel and Renard's conversation a little weird?

Rosalee and Monroe’s wedding is beautiful. I’m glad the wedding prep didn't take over the past couple of episodes. We have all been through the traditional wedding storylines on TV before. The writers showcased just the right amount. Monroe’s dad, Bart, makes a way too sudden change of heart. It is weird seeing him being so happy with everything, and it comes across as a little out of character. Now, I’m not saying that Bart had to be upset with the whole situation still. He could have been supportive without being the team mom of the wedding. Do you get what I mean?

This finale certainly sets up an interesting next season. Nick being normal can’t last long. One option that would be great is if we see Nick trying to help Trubel be a grimm, and then Nick can be her Hank. However, the amusement of this will only last an episode or two. We all know that eventually Nick will turn back into a grimm. Hopefully it doesn't take as long as it did for Adalind. I mean Nick being pregnant and rubbing weird things on his belly would be really disturbing. Are you a fan of this twist?

The other cliffhangers are Wu finding out the truth and Renard in terrible shape. Alright, let’s be honest, Renard has to pull through. Right? I refuse to give up Renard! Where else are we going to get the shirtless rage from? Wu needs to know already. I’m so ready for this to happen. Wu is always a source of entertainment and laughs, and so bringing him more into the fold can only mean great things. What are your Wu and Renard thoughts?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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