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'Grimm' 3x18 'The Law of Sacrifice': Protecting the baby

Adalind: "If he tries to take our baby, kill him."
Adalind: "If he tries to take our baby, kill him."
Scott Green/NBC

The Queen was terrified and offered the little man all the riches of the kingdom, if only he would leave the newborn child alone.”

Viktor: "Then Adalind Schade has gone home, where she assumes she will be safe."
Scott Green/NBC

“The Law of Sacrifice” is tonight’s episode of “Grimm.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “Grimm” returns on April 25 on NBC.

This episode is fantastic for the group dynamic. Everyone is working with people that either they typically view as enemies, or that they simply don’t interact with. It is fantastic to watch the scenes in Monroe’s house with everyone because the awkwardness is so amusing. The only downside is that Adalind and her baby, Diana, are gone before rather quickly. If Adalind stayed at Monroe’s for an entire episode or two, it could have been great. The writers could have worked more on developing this new Adalind and the relationships between her and everyone.

Kelly and Adalind have a very interesting relationship. Sadly, they don’t spend very much time together. It would have been great if the conversation in the interrogation room went on for a bit longer before Adalind figured it out. Kelly, as strange as it is, has been in a very similar situation as the one that Adalind is currently in. Their strange connection (Kelly killing Adalind’s mom. Adalind putting Juliette in a coma) makes this shared experience, of sorts, even more exciting. There are so many intriguing things about Adalind and Kelly’s interactions, and so it is sad that they won’t be together for a while.

Viktor comes to Portland, and surprisingly, there is not much of a showdown. I expected some intense fights or drama or something to happen. Instead, he strolls into Renard’s office and has a mostly friendly chat with them. Not going to lie, it’s a little disappointing. The moment where Viktor gives Diana over to the “Resistance” is pretty great though. It is a fantastic twist, and it awesome that Renard trusted Nick and his mom enough to go along with their plan. At the beginning of the episode, Renard is definitely not feeling Team Burkhardt, which makes the end of the episode even better.

What did you think of this episode? Did Renard surprise you by taking away Diana from Adalind? Who do you think had the best reaction to Adalind’s current situation? It is hard to beat Hank’s reaction. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.