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'Grimm' 3x17 sneak peeks: Big questions and surprising returns teased

Nick will be surprised by the return of his mom for more reasons than one.
Nick will be surprised by the return of his mom for more reasons than one.
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Nick's mother will return to "Grimm" this week. She will not be alone either, and this will cause a big problem for Nick and Juliette. On April 2, Spoilers Guide shared two sneak peeks for "Grimm" episode 3x17 titled "Synchronicity."

The first sneak peek focuses on a problem from the last episode. Monroe asked Nick to be his best man at his wedding to Rosalee. Nick agreed, but he had doubts pop up. He is a grimm after all. The first sneak peek shows Nick showing up at Monroe and Rosalee's house, and he tells them that he cannot be the best man because of the grimm issue. Monroe and Rosalee do have an idea, but he looks skeptical. Would sunglasses help the grimm situation?

The second sneak peek shows the arrival of Nick's mother with Adalind. Nick was just about to ask Juliette a big question when she arrives. Juliette is not happy to see Adalind, and Adalind is surprised by the connection her rescuer has to Nick and Portland.

What will happen with Adalind back in town? She does have her powers back after all. Fans will need to tune in to find out on Friday night. Are you excited to see Nick's mom back on the series?

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