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Grimes premieres Rihanna-rejected track 'Go' featuring Blood Diamonds

Grimes' Twitter account

Electronic artist Grimes premiered her new song "Go" on Wednesday (June 26) via Twitter. She originally wrote the track for Rihanna, who declined so it was gloriously reclaimed with a feature from Blood Diamonds.

Ahead of her appearance at New York City's Governor's Ball, Grimes revealed that she wrote a song titled "Go" for Rihanna, but the Barbadian singer ended up rejecting it. Not letting a good tune go to waste, she reclaimed "Go" and recorded it with producer Blood Diamonds. The two acts performed the track live during Governor's Ball and now the studio version of it is out on the web.

Not surprisingly, "Go" hits harder than Grimes' past singles, especially since the song was originally intended for Rihanna. A drum machine amidst screams kicks off the track with Grimes' child-like voice drifting in and out like a specter. "When I go / Can I go with you?" she sings. Blood Diamonds also makes sure to unleash a bass-heavy drop. The dubstep-inspired section is something foreign to Grimes, but she runs with it. "Go" is certainly a catch that is in more-than-capable hands with Grimes' experimental spirit.

Rihanna definitely missed out on a good one when her team rejected "Go." Grimes' fellow indie pop singer Charli XCX recently disclosed that she wrote her rising hit "Boom Clap" for Hilary Duff's comeback album, but it too was overlooked. Housed on "The Fault in Our Stars" soundtrack, "Boom Clap" has so far taken Charli to the top 40 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart as a solo artist. "Go" could be the song that puts Grimes on the map. The potential for a breakthrough is possible with the dark electronic track.

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