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Grimes releases a crazy video for her song "Go"

First released as a free download in the middle of the summer, synth-pop star Grimes gave listeners a taste of her new sound for her fourth studio album with "Go". Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, collaborated with Blood Diamonds, and this odd yet conformist piece of electro-pop music was written for and later rejected by Rihanna. Adding to its weirdness, she's decided to accompany the song with another of her abstract music videos. Here's her statement:

Released all the way back in June, Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, finally releases a video for her song "Go", and it's just as weird as you'd expect.

"It’s our take on Dante’s inferno. The circles of hell reflect more contemporary issues though. We shot a bunch at the salton sea which is basically an apocalyptic wasteland filled with dead fish because of human carelessness, the bullet hole hallway a la korn freak on a leash etc etc. If you look closely you can find clues. Haha, but in the usual fashion it is also abstract enough to just be a trippy visual accompaniment to the song."

She's still wields a sword, much like she did in "Genesis", and the trip through the circle is just as strange as anything she's put out. Dance moves, black lights, masks, hair flips, it's all here for the viewer's enjoyment. Remember Grammy-winning Taylor Swifts's video for her single "Shake It Off," about how white girl's can't dance? This video pretty much backs that up.

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