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Grim Reaper's dedication to support law enforcement

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Damien Johnson

Bob Romanik, talk show host of Grim Reaper of radio, hosted a rally in support of law enforcement officers on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014. The Grim Reaper broadcasted in front of St. Claire County government building. He told everyone that his audience that he would dedicate his show to thank law enforcement officers last Wednesday. About 40 people gathered joined the Grim Reaper to show their support of police. About 200 people called in to say they wanted to make it but had other commitments. Some drives honked their horn in supper of police as they drove by.

The rally and dedication was a response to the protest, looting and rioting in Ferguson relating to the shooting of Michael Brown. While there was an agreement of first amendment right to protest, the Grim Reaper and the crowd voice their opposition and intolerance for looting and rioting. They wanted the rioting and looking stop but they accused Governor Nixon and like minded political leaders of perpetuate the violence by politically interfering with effective law enforcement in north St. Louis County. St. Louis County police was heading crowd control until Nixon had the state troopers take over under Captain Ron Johnson last Thursday. Critics accuse the police of being militarize by wearing riot gear and using tear gas but the Grim Reaper pointed out that rioters were throwing rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails at police. Thus they needed protection and tear gas.

The rally was on the same day of the start of grand jury investigation. County Prosecutor Bob McColluch warned the press that it could be until October until evidence is ready to be viewed by the grand jury.

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