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Grilling is made better with GrillGrate


Now that the warmer months are almost (finally!) upon us, it’s time to talk grilling. There’s nothing quite like a burger or steak fresh off the grill complete with perfect sear marks. Now, you don’t have to be a master griller to achieve perfection at the barbecue.

Introducing GrillGrate.

The unique interlocking panels of this hard anodized aluminum grate work on any grill to form a new grill surface. They can sit atop existing racks or can replace them by placing them right on the grill. We put it to the test recently and couldn’t believe how much juicier our steaks were and more evenly cooked our vegetables were. What makes this unit so unique is that it blocks flare-ups, so food doesn't get burned or charred while eliminating hot spots (and cold spots) so the food is cooked evenly.

GrillGrate works with rectangular and round grills. The standard 13.75" GrillGrate comes in four additional sizes for larger grills: 17.375", 18.5" 20" and 24". For round grills, there are three sizes for Kamado style grills (15", 18" and 24") and four sizes for kettle style grills (13", 18.5", 22.5" and 26.75").

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