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Grilled Cauliflower: A BBQ Treat

Grilled Octopus
Grilled Octopus
The Wallace

With summer right around the corner, many will be pulling out their grilling gear in preparation for a season of barbeques, soirees and midday cocktail hours. Chef Michael Teich of Culver City’s The Wallace is sharing his delicious alternate grilling options, because grilling doesn’t end with the choice of entrée; rather it is merely the beginning of an exceptional meal.

Chef Teich creates thoughtfully executed dishes that bring out the essence of the ingredients he uses throughout his menu. The menu highlights seasonal produce and main courses that include:

grilled cauliflower

with creamy parmesan, almond bread crumbs and rosemary

braised pork belly

with green garlic, bbq lentils, croquette and cabbage pickles

sprouting broccoli

with tahini, marinated feta and dukkah

grilled greek octopus

with smoked potato, piquillo pepper and salsa verde

Summer is the perfect time to try something new and these dishes are the perfect compliments to some of the season’s most popular grilling favorites.

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