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Grill House Express In Boca Raton Florida Now Open

Grill House Express menus and salad bars and photos to follow soon
Grill House Express menus and salad bars and photos to follow soon

The race is on to see who gets the most restaurants open in a short period of time, Next batter up was Boca and their race to out do Miami , the newest place is Meat ORB and I know it sounds silly but I love restaurant dinning , so when one opens up I of course go there and share my thoughts with the Jewish community , that read my articles, and of course Help the business grow in its own perspective.

Like the House of dogs in Miami opening in Boca on Powerline road , next to the Boca Kosher Bagel establishment, the house of dogs packs it in during the evening and lunch hours. This restaurant Grill house wont be the typical sit down restaurant but more like the express in the name , fast food , quickly and of course like a pita place it offers more meat items.

This place is so new the menus are still on paper , waiting for reproduction, meeting the owner He is expanding from Miami Beach, corner of Arthur God free and 41ths street, he hopes the rage of Jewish dining catches on in Boca.

So if your in the area stop by and tell them you read my article and eat to your hearts content on some fast food, good tasting and great service.

Stay tuned for other articles this week .