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Griffin Furlong: Graduating homeless teen is valedictorian, plans on college

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Florida State University seal
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Griffin Furlong isn't going to give up on his dreams and all of his efforts have inspired others. Not surprisingly his story has gone viral too. The 18-year-old's story of against-the-odds accomplishment to graduate from high school as the valedictorian is remarkable, but it seems that the teenage is dedicated to education despite his situation. The young man has a 4.65 GPA, despite spending part of his school years homeless, living in shelters, and struggling to eat. According to the “Today Show” on Tuesday, the teenager has aspirations of going to college and he is determined to make it happen.

Griffin Furlong has a lot of people offering up a helping hand when it comes to his dream of continuing education. A GoFundMe campaign to raise money for college has roughly $30,000 from donors. Griffin Furlong is hoping to be studying civil engineering at Florida State University in the fall and his dream of college is looking more like reality every day. Donors from across the country are stepping up to give a few bucks to help and it appears he could have a paid scholarship as more people hear about his situation.

Griffin Furlong definitely hasn't had an easy past. According to People Magazine on Thursday mother died when he was young and his family has moved several times with homelessness looming over him throughout his life. The youngster has always found the passion and strength to hit the books while doing his best. Apparently his focus has paid off and people are excited to see him succeed.

There needs to be more stories shared like Griffin Furlong when it comes to making decisions for teenagers. Pop culture is so full of stories of people who fell off the road to success and never came back and it appears that even with Griffin’s struggles, he is going to be very successful.