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Griffin and Civiello in second after intermediate pairs short program

Meg Griffin and Andrew Civiello warm up before their short program in Boston.
Meg Griffin and Andrew Civiello warm up before their short program in Boston.
Scott Mammoser

Megan Griffin and Andrew Civiello, representing Scottsdale’s Coyotes Skating Club of Arizona, sit in second place following Thursday’s intermediate pairs short program at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Boston.

Griffin and Civiello trail Alexandra Schmainda and Matthew Scoralle by about two and a half points (33.97 to 31.48), going into Friday morning’s long program, while fellow Coyotes members Lynzee Moore and Matthew Rounis are in 10th (19.58), in their first trip to Nationals.

“The twists and the lifts really stood out,” Civiello, 17, said nervously. “It would mean a lot (to win the championship). It’s been a hard season, I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

The 11-year-old Griffin also said she liked the performance and was excited to be in Boston.

“Overall, I was happy for them,” Griffin and Civiello’s coach Doug Ladret said. “There were some little mistakes, but nothing major. The spiral was a little off, the judges dinged them for that even though it’s hard to do. Tomorrow, we’ll come out and make sure it’s crisp and clean and not worry about the extra turn on the flip.”

Ladret lamented the advantages of coming from behind in the second position, bringing up how at Sectionals, they held a 10-point edge after the short program and squeaked away with the victory.

Moore and Rounis tumbled on the opening lift, but stood ground towards a clean finish.

“Despite our errors, I think we did quite well,” Rounis said. “We’ve been rehearsing it well, and we have a lot of energy, I think we’ll come back strong in the long.”

For Moore, it was her first competition at the national level.

“We just finished out well, I feel good, and I’m just thrilled to be here,” said the 12-year-old seventh grader Moore.

Rounis, 17 and a high school senior, added he thinks they’ll be more prepared for the long program.

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