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Grief is A Journey not a Prozac or Xanax Deficiency

This past week in Tucson Arizona, many people gather to celebrate the loss of Kris Cambers, who was run down by a man who was on drugs. Chambers left behind a massive community of people who loved and cared for her. At the vigil, people gathered and hugged, cried, and laughed. It made it clear that grief is a journey and not a Prozac or Xanax deficiency.

Modern medicine tends to overlook the grieving process. Typically, work only offers you three days to grieve and then you need to be over it and ready to go. Often, the medical professions will put you on an antidepressant if you feel your grief. Grief is not a pathology, and it is not a medical condition. It is not a disease or illness, it is in fact a real feeling and normally of feeling of love and losing someone we miss.

The psychiatric community now wants to call grief a mental health disorder. In fact, the DSM 5 will now classify certain kinds of grief as a mental disorder that is treatable with medications. We should all be grieving the death of grief and the new chapter for mental illness. In fact, researchers at Columbia University had been talking to physicians about prescribing anti-anxiety drugs to those who are grieving. Amazingly, it discovered that powerful benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium and Ativan are prescribed to people who are grieving.

These are addictive and harmful drugs and carry many health concerns including sleep troubles, cognitive difficulties, car crashes and falls. Sadly, doctors in the survey seemed willing to offer unlimited amounts of these addictive drugs to help patients cope with death.

Grief and loss are inevitable. If benzodiazepines are commonly prescribed to help people cope, then masses of people will be exposed to potentially addictive drugs. Concern should be why doctors choose to medicate grief and rob them of the normal grieving process. The question is why aren't doctors suggesting alternatives to grief?

An alternative approach to grief can not only be helpful, but also allow the grieving person the opportunity to grieve their loss. Alternatives such as going through the process, seeking counseling, utilizing support all help people with their grief.

Homeopathy is a safe and inexpensive way to help promote the natural ability for the body to heal. There are many people who have found relief using flower essences as part of their approach to the natural healing of grief. Meditation is perhaps one of the best ways of holistic grief healing. Breathing is perhaps one of the easiest ways to relieve stress, and create a feeling of relaxation and is a wonderful natural cure for grief and depression as well.

Grief is a journey and not a Prozac or Xanax deficiency. In the Tucson area you can go to Sprouts to get affordable Homeopathic and flower essences. Many yoga studios in Tucson offer breathing and meditation classes. So go ahead, grieve your loss, it is normal, what is abnormal is to medicate this natural process.

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