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Griddle breakfast sandwiches: Sausage, egg, and cheese

Using the flat side of a seasoned griddle to make an entire breakfast sandwich will provide you with a good amount of cooking space, negating the need to use multiple pans. The griddle will allow you to cook quickly, while keeping cleanup easy.


griddle, set to about a medium-high setting.

biscuit cutter, large to medium size

butter knife




ghee or butter

English muffin, opened to make 2 halves

1 egg

1 slice mozzarella cheese

1 or 2 sausage patties

Spread the ghee or butter onto the opened side of each half of the English muffin. Place these buttered side down onto the griddle.
Put the biscuit cutter onto the griddle, and crack an egg into it. Use the knife to break the yolk.
Add the sausage patties to the griddle, cooking on one side until warmed through then flipping.
Once the butter is melted and the cooked side of the English muffin halves are a little crisp, remove them from the griddle and place them on a plate.
Remove the biscuit cutter, leaving the egg. Flip the egg to cook the other side.
Take the sausage patties off the griddle, placing them one 1 half of the English muffin. Top with the egg and a slice of cheese, then add the other muffin half.


Use coupons when shopping to save money. Combine with sales when possible.
Try adding some fresh herbs, such as parsley, for something a little different.
Switch up the cheese. Use mozzarella this time, mild cheddar next time, then try provolone.

Serving Suggestions

Serve for breakfast with a smoothie or a fruit salad.

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