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Greyhounds versus the Dos Equis Man

The Most Interesting Man and Greyhound
The Most Interesting Man and Greyhound
Dos Equis and Linda Weber

Dos Equis Beer created a promotional character touted as “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” While he certainly has some fascinating attributes, Greyhound owners might be able to give him a run for his money.

Look around at all the dogs in your neighborhood or at the dog park. Are you the only one with a Greyhound? Owning an ex-racing Greyhound puts you in a small, cozy group of ownership, making you an elite member of an exclusive club.

Your neighbors will instantly identify you as “those neighbors with the Greyhound” instead of “I don’t know if I know those folks.”

If you are a man taking your Greyhound for a walk, you will suddenly discover an abundance of single ladies you never knew existed in your area. They will appear every day to be taking their walk when you do.

A 20-minute walk becomes a 30-45 minute event. Pack a lunch. You could starve walking your dog as people stop you to ask about your beautiful and unique hound.

If you are shy, the Greyhound will be your “wingman” and if you are outgoing, you will have no shortage of chances to meet people as the Greyhound is a natural conversation starter.

Hopefully you are a fan of “Jeopardy” as bystanders will be mesmerized into asking you millions of questions.

Owning an ex-racing Greyhound evokes the cachet of a time previous when Greyhound ownership was for the extreme rich and instantly projects you as having the “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams” kind of life.

At parties, when Mildred launches into what little Fifi did that was oh-so adorable, you can casually drop that you adopted an ex-elite racing athlete. If Mildred continues, you can also insert into the conversation that by adopting an ex-racing Greyhound, you took it away after their track life was completed and saved them from an uncertain future. No amount of sitting up and begging by Fifi can top this.

So, no disrespect to the Dos Equis Man, but based on the above, perhaps Greyhound owners are “The Most Interesting People in the World.” Now if he were to adopt an ex-racing Greyhound…

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