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Greyhounds and the honky pig toy craze

Hoss with two honky pig toys
Hoss with two honky pig toys
Photo courtesy of Sandra, used with permission

It started innocently enough with a post in a retired greyhound forum about a toy that someone bought their greyhound. Then posts mushroomed referencing a toy called the “honky pig”. Suddenly, it was the must-have toy that every Greyhound owner wanted to procure for their beloved hounds.

Videos showing happy hounds with their honky hogs materialized. This caused a further frenzy as posts abounded on where Greyhound guardians could find them. The Greyhound community really comes together when there is any kind of need and helpful hints on places like Walmart and Amazon with links were revealed. Many pet parents reported that the peg hook where the porcine pet was supposed to be was empty while others posted pictures of hog heaven in the store.

Like parents who are lured into buying the “it” toy for their children at the Christmas buying season, people who would not normally succumb to peer pressure decided to join in.

Not normally one to give into peer pressure, and opting to remember the oft-repeated adage when I grew up, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge then would you too?" I comforted myself with the thought that I was not one of those panicky folks scouring the stores high and low for the squeaky toy. But then realization set in. After all, did I want to be labeled as the one person who didn’t buy this beloved toy for their dog?

Due to its success, there is many a dry lonely spot where the pig should have been and a testament to the power of the pig. There are probably some buyers at Amazon, Walmart and other stores shaking their heads and wondering where all the pigs have gone.

But, there is another side to this tale of the piggish porker. Some ex-racing Greyhounds are apathetic to the squeaking swine. After their parents presented them with the hallowed hog, some are reported to have run out of the room at its honk in fear. So the jury is out as to the success of the latex larder. And to further ramp up the frenzy, rumor has it there is a furry plush cousin that might be vying for a place in the toy pile.

So in conclusion, the decision is yours. Do you succumb to the wide-eyed stare of the swine or do you just say no? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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