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Greyhound electrocuted during race at Tucson Greyhound Park

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LNB Night Mare, a greyhound competing in a dog race at Tucson Greyhound Park was killed, according to an article published yesterday by KGUN9-TV. The accident happened Friday when she was bumped off course by another dog and fell into the inner ring of the track and came into contact with an electric rail. The dog was electrocuted and killed instantly and was the second dog to die at the park in the last month.

The article quotes Susan Via, a greyhound lover and former United States Attorney, who claims that this death is only one of many that occur in greyhound races throughout the nation. She told KGUN9 that the dogs often sustain cracked skulls, broken backs, and are especially prone to broken legs.

Tucson city councilman Steve Kozachik told KGUN9 that the track is known as a "kill track". Kozachik is calling for the Tucson Greyhound Park to be shut down. KGUN9 reached out to Tucson Greyhound Park and the owner of the dog for comments, but they had not heard back as of when the article was published.

Those concerned about this will be happy to hear that there are no greyhound race tracks in South Carolina because of the state laws on gambling. There are many opportunities to help retired greyhound racers locally, however. One organization that brings retired racing greyhounds to the upstate and places them for adoption is For The Hounds. For information about greyhounds available for adoption, or for more information on ways you can help, please contact them directly at their website.