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Greyhound electrocuted during race at Arizona track

A greyhound was killed during a race on Friday
A greyhound was killed during a race on Friday
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

According to Sunday's ABC 9 News, for the second time in a month, a racing greyhound has been killed at Tucson Greyhound Park in Arizona.

The dog was killed on Friday during a race at the track and the entire tragedy was captured on film.

A racing dog, wearing a green jersey, is bumped by another dog during the race; she hits the electrocuted rail where the "lure" runs and is killed. Moments later, the race ends and an announcer states:

"The official ruling of the judges is 'no race' for race 14."

According to KVOA News, Tucson Councilman Steve Kozachik opposes the track and he has stated that this is the second time that this has happened in just the last month.

Kozachik stated:

The track ought to be shut down. Bill Walsh from the Department of Racing ought to get up from behind his desk, get down here and shut this place down. They use these animals as commodities to be bought, sold, traded and run into the ground -- last night a dog was killed.

Dale Popp, the track's general manager, disputes Kozachik's claim that this is the second time such an incident has happened and describes it as nothing more than "a freak accident."

Click here for news clip and video of race.

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