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Facebook poster claim:Greyhound chained outside in -14 temperature in Elwood, IN

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An urgent appeal was tagged to my attention on the German Shepherd Dog Community Group on Facebook about a critical situation in Indiana. The post reads as follows (please note the facts are still being verified as to the authenticity of this message):

If I do not get hard evidence by 01/09/2014 that this story is true I am taking it down OR stating that facts are unverified and accounts are hearsay.

Local dog chained up in -14 degree weather at a warehouse with a thin dog house and frozen water. Local pd and A/C doing nothing. Small town PD says owner was contacted and mad they questioned him about it. Says he'll be mad if they take the dog, greyhound, so they can't do anything? Seriously?!?! So upset! Snow drifts are prevent regular locals from getting to the dog and someone else said they don't think it's friendly. I wouldn't be friendly either! We're not even supposed to leave unless emergency.

Greyhounds are particularly sensitive to extreme temperatures given their sleek coat. Facebook posters are cross posting about this situation in the hopes that the dog can be given shelter indoors before it gets frost bite or dies of hypothermia.

Update 01/08/2014: From the poster who originated the thread about this situation in Indiana in a response to requests from The Lexus Project on Facebook for verification of the story: That photo has been a major issue. The greyhound in question is NOT dead. It was taken from the lot it was chained during the negative temps. The dog is stated to have been returned to the owner. I cannot confirm if he's inside or back chained. Locals who don't care are becoming defensive. An effort to help out a cold dog on a nasty night was all I tried to do. When I made my post on GSD community I was looking for help on how to get the dog out of -14 temps.

PLEASE NOTE: The frozen dead dog picture is from an incident in Bethel, Vermont. The dog is a German Shepherd and not the dog mentioned in the article. At this time, the facebook thread that began posting the situation about the Greyhound in Indiana has not posted a picture. Again, facts are still being verified.