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Grey Water Recycling

We have the honor of living by one of the most majestic and beautiful fresh water sources in the world. With that honor we have a responsibility to protect it. Right now there are 40 states that are reporting a fresh water shortage, and even though we are not one of them, we need to think into the future.

It takes a long time for out water to recycle it's self and run through our septic systems. Grey water recycling is easy and just makes sense. Here's how it works:

   1. Water from your shower, tub, kitchen sink, dishwasher, and washing machine are filtered and collected in a holding tank. This is your grey water.

   2. Grey water is then used to flush your toilet.

   3. Water from your toilet, or black water, is than sent through your septic system.

   4. Make it even more efficient by installing a dual flush system. This system has two flushing mechanisms. One for liquid waste that uses less water, and one for solid waste, that uses more.

This system may sound familiar to many of you. It has been used in campers for years.

Home Depot carries dual flush toilets for as low as $188.00. If you don't want to install a whole new toilet you can purchase an upgrade kit for $88.00.

Saniflo makes many types of grey water systems. Some of them are small, to recycle water from your bathroom sink to your toilet, which can be installed easily and quickly. Hermantown Lumber Company, in Duluth is one of their dealers and can be reached at: (218) 729-8600. For more information on these units you can view

Have a business? These systems can be installed there too.

As much as 40% of our drinking water is flushed out our toilets every day. Imagine the money you can save, along with helping to save what is becoming one of our most precious resources.


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