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‘Grey's Anatomy' stars Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd dish on season 10, relationship

‘Grey's Anatomy' stars Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd dish on season 10, relationship
‘Grey's Anatomy' stars Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd dish on season 10, relationship
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Season 10 has proven particularly trying for Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) on “Grey’s Anatomy” but then what couple on the show hasn’t seen its share of ups and downs? Still, with this being the last season for Sandra Oh, it seemed a good time for her and McKidd to talk about the season and their characters’ relationship. On the Red Carpet caught up with them on Jan. 30.

Yang and Hunt have dated off and on since Hunt joined the show in season 5. Yang is one of the original core characters and has been on the show since the beginning. The pair even spent part of the time as a married couple. Season 10 found them coming to terms with their breakup and having to deal with each other moving on.

McKidd was asked about how he learned that Oh was leaving the show and how he felt about it.

"Well, it was at a table read, which was a very emotional table read anyway because it was so much, it was such a celebration. But I kind of already knew."

Oh added:

"I definitely told him. Kevin and I are very, very close and I feel like if he ever had a major decision it would affect me and I made a major decision and I told him, definitely. So when I did announce it, he already knew and he looked just like that [McKidd gives "puppy dog eyes" to the camera]. A lot of times we'll sit across from each other at the table and so, I'd look up and I could feel it."

The couple has always shared a spark, a chemistry that fans have responded to. When asked to explain it, McKidd said, "I think the spark is always going to be there between these two. I mean, they kind of both gone off this season and done their own dalliance with other people, but I don't know if those things are really gonna ... I don't know, will they or won't they?"

When asked whether or not Cristina will die in the show, Oh said,

"Well, Sandra Oh, hopefully will not die. I don't want my character to die. I hope not, but we don't know. We really don't know.”

She added that is meeting with Show creator Shonda Rhimes later.

The show has lasted for 10 seasons so far and shows no signs of slowing down. Sandra explained the longevity by saying it started with “a core group of characters who seemed to have just struck a chord, not only with people in America but internationally. And as that core family has changed and family members have come on, we've picked the right people and paired them up with the right people to continue that kind of loyalty with the characters."

Where will Sandra go from “Grey’s Anatomy”? She will be appearing in the Melissa McCarthy movie “Tammy” which will open next summer. She is also appearing in a play, 'Death and the Maiden,' at Chicago’s Victory Garden theater.

“Grey’s Anatomy” resumes on ABC on Thursday, Feb. 27.

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