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'Grey's Anatomy' star Jesse Williams talks April's answer to Jackson's question

Grey’s Anatomy” fans are counting down the hours until tonight’s highly-anticipated return of the series that left us dangling on the edge of a huge romantic cliff in the December mid-season finale. “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams stopped by “The View” earlier today, Feb. 27, and addressed the finale’s most burning question: How will April (Sarah Drew) answer Jackson’s very straightforward question?

Jesse Williams plays Dr. Jackson Avery on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

While Jesse didn't offer a direct yes or no, he did advise fans to be right in front of their television sets when the show airs tonight at 9 pm ET. He said: “I can’t exactly tell you what happens, because it’s gonna happen in a matter of hours. I can promise the audience that you’re gonna find out immediately, as soon as you turn it on. Don’t miss the first two minutes because you’re gonna find out immediately.

Jackson’s timing isn't the best, to say the last. April is standing at the altar and is in the process of marrying Matthew (Justin Bruening). But, we've watched the fan favorite couple of Japril evolve over time. They started out as best friends, which is a great foundation for any relationship. They have a strong and lasting bond, and love is definitely there.

However, April seemed earnest and sincere in telling Matthew that she wants to marry him – and be with him. Was she fooling herself though? Are her feelings for Matthew as deep as they obviously have been with Jackson?

Some people are livid Jackson waited so long to figure it out. But, we need only remember the very heartfelt conversation Jackson’s dying mentor Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) had with him regarding love. Look at what Mark tragically lost in not claiming Lexie (Chyler Leigh) before she died.

Many people say life is short and you've got to express how you feel while you have the chance to tell people. In a sense, Jackson was holding onto this kind of thought and just putting his heart out there, no holds barred. How can we fault him for that?

Jesse Williams addressed the overall dueling opinions about Jackson’s bold move saying:

“Some people call this impulsive and incredibly selfish. Some people call it valiant and brave. I don’t know what I call it. I think it was both. I think it’s a brave, impulsive kind of freak out. I think he panicked. And sometimes we talk a good game and we tell ourselves we’re over something; and we tell ourselves we’re over something and we say it in the mirror and we believe it. And then something happens that makes you jump up.”

So, the question remains: How will April respond to Jackson’s declaration of love? Will she shoot him down and marry Matthew? Will she say “I love you too” and run straight into Jackson’s arms? Or, will she stop the wedding without giving Jackson an immediate answer while she sorts out her feelings?

Whatever the answer, there is destined to be a huge ripple effect on all couples involved for a while.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs in Flint on WJRT ABC12 on Thursdays at 9 pm ET. Click here for a local channel guide.

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