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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spring premiere ‘Take It Back’ video, Alex attacks Shane

The widely anticipated spring premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” is just 12 days away. There is a new spoiler promo out, thanks to Spoiler TV for sharing it on Feb. 14 and it reveals lots of juicy details! The episode is entitled “Take It Back” and it aptly applies to many situations going on in the show. Check out the accompanying video.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spring premiere ‘Take It Back’ video, Alex attacks Shane
Photos by ABC Promotional

The images come fast and furious but we were able to make out a few things. Looks like Cristina and Meredith really did patch things up. They are sharing some Wine in Mer’s home when Derek comes through the front door. Meredith stands and is speaking, her face revealing her displeasure but we don’t know what she’s saying. In another scene, Meredith turns angrily away from Derek and he looks on as she walks away with a stricken look. This can’t be good. Maybe he should have said no to the president.

We all expect Alex to be upset over Shane’s botched surgery on Alex’s dad, Jimmy. Just how upset he is comes out in the promo. Alex lunges at Shane, knocks him to the floor, straddles him and proceeds to hit him. It happens fast but yikes!

Arizona and Callie are having a heated conversation and Arizona yells “It’s not working!” The synopsis hinted the two would be making a decision about their relationship. Is that what Arizona is talking about?

As the announcer’s voice over says “And the decision we’ve all been waiting for…” several characters flash across the screen before the promo settles on Jackson making his declaration of love April at her wedding to Matthew.

What storyline are you most anxious to see played out in the spring premiere? “Take it Back” airs Thursday, Feb. 27 when “Grey’s Anatomy” returns on ABC.

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