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'Grey's Anatomy' spoilers: Shocking secret to break up Meredith and Derek?

'Grey's Anatomy' spoilers: Shocking secret to break up Meredith and Derek?
'Grey's Anatomy' spoilers: Shocking secret to break up Meredith and Derek?
Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images

“Grey's Anatomy" returns in a few days with the second half of season 10 and we are just learning of some serious spoilers concerning Derek and Meredith. According to a Feb. 20 post on Enstarz, it’s potentially serious enough to cause a break up!

When the show returns with the spring premier “Take It Back,” Meredith and Derek will be forced to deal with a shocking secret. Rumor has it that we will learn Derek may have a son somewhere that we never knew about.

And the episode’s synopsis includes this spoiler: “Derek doesn't keep a promise, leaving Meredith feeling betrayed.”

That certainly sounds as if he is going to accept the offer from the President of the United States to work on the brain mapping project. While we can understand it might be hard to turn the pres, Derek had promised to take time off work to parent the kids so Meredith could have some time to pursue her career. This isn’t going to go over well.

The good news is we know Derek won’t be leaving the show anytime soon as Patrick Dempsey who lays him signed a 2 year contract to continue with the series. That’s no guarantee that he and Meredith will stay together though.

Sara Drew who plays April on “Grey’s Anatomy,” recently said in an interview with Glamour, "I can tell you that everything kind of gets turned upside emotionally because of the President's phone call to Derek. All kinds of things get messed up because of that phone call."

“Grey's Anatomy” will air the midseason premiere titled "Take It Back" on Thursday, Feb. 27 on ABC.

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