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'Grey's Anatomy' spoilers: Isaiah Washington teases Burke's return

Isaiah Washington returns to 'Grey's Anatomy' soon
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Fans of “Grey's Anatomy” are quite anxious to know how Dr. Cristina Yang will leave this season. There have already been some tidbits shared, but on Monday Buddy TV shared some new details. Isaiah Washington is reprising the role of Dr. Preston Burke, and he did dish out a few “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers.

Washington opened up about his return to “Grey's Anatomy” during the Wondercon panel for his current show “The 100.” It seems Burke will return in episode 10x22 which is titled “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” which airs on May 1. The official synopsis via TiVo doesn't mention Burke's return, but it does tease that in this episode Cristina is considering her future at the hospital.

“Grey's Anatomy” spoilers from Washington teased that Burke's return will “blow your mind.” Fans may think they can guess what is going to play out, but Isaiah says that fans are not ready and cannot figure it out. The show's creator Shonda Rhimes is known for twists and turns and it seems that she has found a way to do it again. Washington even adds that whatever happens is “cold-blooded.” That doesn't sound like anything the fans have thought to anticipate thus far.

Viewers have already seen a promo for the upcoming shows titled “Farewell to Cristina.” What most wouldn't have picked up on, until now, is that Burke is actually in that preview. Washington notes that he is standing next to Cristina in it, and it seems that he must be referring to the shots where she says she knows what comes next. It seems Burke will surely come back and tell Cristina he needs her on a case or in some type of project, but there is clearly more to it than simply that.

Despite the fact that many viewers are disappointed to know that Sandra Oh is leaving the role, it seems clear that it is being done big and in a way that makes sense for the show and the character. Isaiah Washington promises that fans won't be disappointed. Tune in to “Grey's Anatomy” airing Thursday nights on ABC to see Dr. Preston Burke return to Seattle and find out just how Dr. Cristina Yang leaves.

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