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‘Grey's Anatomy’ spoilers: Is Derek Shepherd baby daddy to a love child?

‘Grey's Anatomy’ spoilers: Is Derek Shepherd baby daddy to a love child?
‘Grey's Anatomy’ spoilers: Is Derek Shepherd baby daddy to a love child?
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Derek and Meredith Shepherd’s lives were hanging in the balance when “Grey’s Anatomy” went on winter hiatus because of the offer he received from the president but now, according to a Feb. 19 report by Wetpaint, it looks like Derek may have fathered a love child somewhere along the way.

In all probability, Derek will say yes to the president’s request which is going to leave Meredith pretty upset. This was supposed to be her turn to pursue her career while he minded the kids. In the promo, she can be seen sitting in the living room with Cristina and looking very unhappy when Derek comes through the front door.

Wetpaint reported that next week’s episode, “Take It Back,” will supposedly have us wondering ‘Is there a little Derek Shepherd running around out there that we never knew about?!’ Is he a baby daddy to a love child?

Through ten seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” the only ex of Derek’s we’ve ever met was Addison Montgomery. She didn’t have his baby so that begs the question, who did? He did of course date Nurse Rose when he and Meredith were broken up but we’re hoping it wasn’t her. Of course it is probably someone he met before he ever laid eyes on Meredith. Neither of them seemed to straight-laced which you know if you recall the pilot episode and how Mer and Der met.

Looks like we have one more reason to tune in on Thursday, Feb. 27 when “Grey’s Anatomy returns with “Take It Back” – an episode which might reveal Derek is the father of a love child!

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