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‘Grey's Anatomy’ spoilers for season 10 finale, Sandra Oh’s final table read

‘Grey's Anatomy’ spoilers for season 10 finale, Sandra Oh’s final table read
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for DGA

The season 10 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” is still 5 weeks away but the table read for the episode was held earlier this week for what will be Sandra Oh’s final appearance as Cristina Yang. On April 8, Wetpaint shared some details about the season finale.

Using casting sides, the cryptic script notes used to find actors for various episodes, Wetpaint learned that the finale is supposed to feature a massive car accident. Casting sides are purposefully misleading so as not to let the cat out of the bag. That car accident could turn out to be something else. Let’s examine the possibilities.

Each year, the finale for ‘Grey’s’ has alternated between and actual physical disaster and an emotional or relationship crisis. Looking at the last few seasons, it does seem to indicate this year’s season should end with an actual disaster.

The casting sides for the finale suggest 3 alternate possibilities for the accident: a carjacking related to gang activity, a car that loses control and a wayward dog. The sides also mention a reporter, covering the story at the hospital, who calls the scene an "intensely dangerous situation" and says she shouldn’t even be there. Typically, a car accident wouldn’t create this kind of situation.

The sides also refer to an 8-month pregnant woman who has a tourniquet on her arm because she lost her hand and forearm. This could happen in a car accident but seems more probable coming from something like a building collapse as is hinted at by TV Line. They mention that during May Sweeps, one show will have its workplace destroyed. Besides, there was already a massive pile up in season 9, episode 19.

In what might be an ominous clue or us reading too much into it, executive producer Tony Phelan tweeted that we'll be "shaken not stirred" by the finale. Does this mean Seattle or the hospital will be jolted by something like an earthquake or explosion?

So far no word has leaked out from the table read as to what the disaster is. Since it was the last time Oh would be part of the regular cast, it was probably very emotional. Wetpaint reported on April 8 that showrunner Shonda Rhimes was not looking forward to it. She tweeted, "Not willing to face that @IamSandraOh will have her last #greysanatomy table read tomorrow. #10seasons."

Kevin McKidd who has played Cristina’s love interest for the past several seasons felt similarly. He responded to the tweet with, "Me too. Not able."

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