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Grey's Anatomy spoilers: Farewell to Cristina, Harper Avery drama, Burke returns

Spoiler news for "Grey’s Anatomy" predict that fans are going to need a box of tissues as Dr. Cristiana Yang’s farewell draws close. The spoilers include some major decisions and the return of Yangs former love interest Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington). All the new sneak peaks will throw the news of April’s pregnancy out the window. Jackson may have a lot on his plate, but nothing compared to the stunning departure of Dr. Cristina Yang. On Wednesday Wetpaint revealed some of the scoop and Chitownstarconnections filled in the tribute moments for Cristina's life.This is a spoiler and fans not wanting to know any hints of tomorrow’s episode should shut their computers off now.

It's that time of the week again when all eyes focus on the ABC hit series, "Grey's Anatomy." The special event of Isaiah Washington’s return has the internet buzzing after the release of the special spoiler that introduces Dr. Burke’s return after seven years, Burke is ready to declare his love for Dr. Yang. The show will present a special episode on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET. “He Broke Her Heart.” The special will revisit the relationship moments, wedding, and rejection of Dr. Burke and Dr. Yang. Will she take him back, seven years later? It is doubtful, Yang seems stronger than that. Some fans speculate that is how Yang will exit the show, leaving as Burke did, even though the title of the new episode this week reveals it all: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Thursday's episode will fill in gaps for many long-term viewers.

Watch this week’s sneak peek of this of the board meeting that will have Dr. Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) confronted with the need to appeal the Harper Avery award decision. Yang’s boss Dr. Russell is leaving the hospital as a result of the decision to not give Yang the Harper Avery award. Politics aside, Yang will have to make a decision that she had not contemplated. As the board explains that the hospital has been told by Catherine Avery it will never have a winner of the Harper Avery award. The board members wants Yang to appeal the decision that left her without this special award. With the award there is a ton of funding for important research and medical projects and helps the hospital attract more surgeons. Yang is reluctant as she does not want to invite further humiliation. Faced with associated doctors never receiving an award is quite the zinger since top surgeon Yang is leaving. Last week we saw during a sexy scene between Jo and Alex that Alex is determined to leave, letting viewers know how important this award is to the hospital this year. It is quite the stabbing promise from Catherine Avery, considering all the departures the hospital will have, leaving them hard up for attracting new surgical talent.

Finally for all long-term fans, a montage of moments from Cristina’s career and life during the past 10 years can be seen on the show's website. Grab your tissue as you revisit the highlights of the years. Moments when Dr. Yang is in angst from trying to save Derek’s life to the moment she is Meredith's "person." The over 12 video clips collection will have fans remembering great acting and drama as the important moments draw fresh tears as they prepare for Yang's show departure.

Watch "Grey's Anatomy" Thursdays on ABC at 9 p.m. ET. This week, catch the special reunion episode one hour earlier at 8 p.m. ET

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