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'Grey's Anatomy' spoilers: Episode 10x21 shows big decisions, surprising visits

Sandra Oh plays Dr. Cristina Yang on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Photo by Michael Buckner

Thursday night's episode of “Grey's Anatomy” is going to be a big one and fans are anxious to know what to expect. On Thursday the show's Facebook page shared a big preview and teased that there are tough choices ahead. What other “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers are available for episode 10x21 airing on April 24?

This episode is titled “Change of Heart." One of the main storylines revolves around the family with two children who both need a heart transplant and they were first seen in last week's episode. The heart is on the way for one child, Frankie, but the other child's condition changes the equation. Dr. Cristina Yang talks with the parents about the complex situation. They are overwhelmed by the pressure to have to decide which child to save, and this clearly won't be an easy call for Yang either.

TV Equals shares additional “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers from episode 10x21. Derek's sister Amelia is back and this visit catches Derek and Meredith by surprise. Jackson has bad news to deliver to the other doctors on staff while Bailey is dealing with some frustration regarding her research and it seems it leads her to make a potentially risky choice. Viewers should expect to see this episode very much pave the way for the exit of Sandra Oh and the character of Dr. Cristina Yang.

Expect to see an interesting conversation between Alex and Arizona as Alex faces the big decision about whether he truly should leave Grey Sloan. Given Yang's upcoming exit, viewers should be treated to some classic Cristina and Meredith moments throughout this hour. Richard will decide to hop on a plane and surprise Catherine while she is in Boston as well.

Why is Amelia back? What will Yang decide about the heart? It looks like it will be a jam-packed episode and viewers won't want to miss a minute. It all plays out Thursday, April 24 on the episode of ”Grey's Anatomy” titled “Change of Heart.”

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