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'Grey's Anatomy' spoilers: Cristina contemplates her options on episode 10x17

Will Owen and Cristina find their way back together on 'Grey's Anatomy'?
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for DGA

What can fans expect from the new episode of “Grey's Anatomy” airing Thursday night? Much of the focus of episode 10x17 titled “Do You Know” will be on Dr. Cristina Yang, and on March 27 Wetpaint went through all of the “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers available.

The available “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers for episode 10x17 indicate that Cristina will go through two different versions of her life based on one singular decision that she has to make. Owen of course will be front-and-center in much of this scenario, but fans have a feeling there's much more to it than just this. “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers regarding the fact that Dr. Burke will return later on this season make many wonder if ultimately Yang will reunite with her first love Preston and Owen will become a thing of the past.

There has already been plenty of back-and-forth between Cristina and Owen this season regarding their relationship and it looks like it may come to a head on Thursday's episode. They've split, they've been friends with benefits, they've been apart, but do they ultimately belong together? It looks like something related to a case will prompt Cristina to examine the possibilities. Whether it's real or part of something in her mind, there is a big fight ahead between Cristina and Owen.

In what seems to be one stream of Cristina's consciousness, she tells Owen that he's the love of her life and that they should be together. In other “Grey's Anatomy” spoiler previews, the two are arguing and some would imagine it's over what have been significant differences in their desires to build a family. It does look like Cristina's telling Owen that she simply isn't open to changing her point of view on this one.

A case taking place at the hospital involves a patient deciding that he's going to allow himself to die, and it appears that this case is what drives Yang to re-examine her own life. Where is this all leading? With Dr. Burke coming back fans may think they know how this ends, but of course Shonda Rhimes is known for mixing things up and throwing shockers at fans. Tune in to the “Do You Know?” episode of “Grey's Anatomy” airing on Thursday, March 27 to see it all play out.

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