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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spoiler, season 11 news: Is April pregnant on season 10 finale?

Sarah Drew plays April Kepner on Grey's Anatomy
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” are going to be saying goodbye to one doctor, but another staff member has happy news as she announces that she is going to be having a baby. The big news of Sandra Oh’s departure is well known, but the season finale announcement of the upcoming child reminds everyone that life after the summer break will pick up and move on. According to WetPaint on Thursday, April Kepner announces she is going to have a baby to Dr. Owen Hunt on the season finale at the worst possible time as the hospital rushes to deal with an impending crisis.

The story in season 11 for “Grey Anatomy” fans will focus on the personal lives of the staff once again. With April having a baby on the way, there is no shortage of excitement that can be exhibited around the big news. It’s not sure how April’s story will progress in the next season, but it definitely is something to look forward to watching.

For fans who have been distraught over the departure of Dr. Yang on the season finale, the executive producer of “Grey’s Anatomy” Shonda Rhimes revealed on Thursday to Entertainment Weekly that Meredith and Cristina will stay in touch in the upcoming season, but it won’t be in the same way as working at the hospital. The next season will offer up details about what the character is doing in ways that doesn't require Sandra Oh to return (like calls and emails) and opens up the door for viewers to see how Meredith feels about the loss.

The season 11 spoilers are already starting to leak out with details about the upcoming changes of staff and the stories for the episodes. Hollywood Hills confirmed on Wednesday there will be 24 episodes for season 11. And there will be new faces. Gaius Charles and Tessa Ferrer are leaving the show so along with Dr. Yang, there will be three new openings for the hospital. Some people are suggesting there will be more staff added, but so far no names have been hinted (or even rumored.)

“Grey’s Anatomy” season finale airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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