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‘Grey's Anatomy’ spoiler: Cristina’s departure may be tied to job in Austria

‘Grey's Anatomy’ spoiler: Cristina’s departure may be tied to job in Austria
‘Grey's Anatomy’ spoiler: Cristina’s departure may be tied to job in Austria
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With Cristina’s and Meredith’s relationship on the mend following their frank ‘discussion’ before April’s wedding, all bets are off on their relationship being the cause of Cristina’s departure from Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital on “Grey’s Anatomy. On Jan. 31, Wetpaint pieced together some new information that might explain the brainy doctor’s departure. .

Actress Sandra Oh announced her intentions to leave ‘Grey’s’ after season 10 ended. Fans have been wondering ever since how her departure would be explained within the context of the show. Her character, Cristina Yang, is one of the original cast members. She and Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo who had just signed on for 2 more years, have been BFFs almost since the beginning.

The feud the two have been engaged in for the better part of season 10 looked like one of the reasons Cristina might choose to move on. That and her break up with Owen.

According to a casting side – a cryptic scene synopsis used to with casting agents to attract actors without giving away the plot – published on Television Without Pity, it looks like someone comes to town to woo our favorite cardio-thoracic surgeon away: Here’s what the casting side said, assuming ‘Dr. Hansen’ is really Dr. Yang, see what you think:

"A man in a suit [named Gerjardt Strauss] is coming down the hall wearing a badge, and Dr. Hansen uncharacteristically star struck. He has a thick Austrian accent and an enormous amount of gravitas.”

“He says its a pleasure to meet Dr. Hansen; she says the honor is all hers. He's intrigued. The project was the talk of the [European Union] Cardio-thoracic Conference — mostly people wondering if it was a serious effort or a PR stunt by the hospital."

"Dr. Hansen starts to tell him that after the presentation he'll be confident. He says there's no doubt Dr. Hansen will charm and dazzle but he hopes its not a big… 'What's that phrase you use?' Dr. Hansen says, 'Hype?' No. 'Flash over substance?' 'No — a complete waste of my time'"

If Hansen really is Yang, then Cristina will kick butt and blow this guy away. Perhaps then he will be interested in having her join him in Austria. What’s really holding her in Seattle anymore, anyways?

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