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‘Grey's Anatomy’ spoiler: 2 cast members not returning in season 11

Fans who love to see the drama at Grey Sloan Memorial should be warned that the entire cast of regular actors won’t be coming back after the summer break. The fans will still get to see the hospital in action, but it will be with a few less actors. According to TVGuide on Tuesday, Gaius Charles and Tessa Ferrer are being cut from the show. The announcement is shocking, especially since the fans loved watching the entire cast in action.

The two characters that won’t be back making their rounds are Leah Murphy and Shane Ross. As viewers have seen over the past few years, the regular cast members seem to have the most face time and are offered the best story lines. This never before seen move has everyone wondering if there was a contract issue, “Grey’s Anatomy” is tightening their budget or if the characters fell flat (compared to others on the show.) For many fans the latter theory is realistic, as the characters invoked alternating emotions of liking of the characters and hating the characters, depending upon the episodes plot line.

While the two actors might be on future episodes, since they are not regulars on the series people might only see them once in a while (or not at all) as the script will dictate the decisions of their characters.

Additional spoiler information include Dr. Christina Yang as she envisions her future, the two roads that lead back to Dr. Owen and her choices. Will the couple reunite as the teaser hints, or are they destined to remain forever a 'love doomed'? Fans are still hoping that there will be last minute miracle, allowing Christina played by Sandra Oh, to stay on the series. The exiting of Christina has been a dark shadow held over the show all season.

“Grey’s Anatomy” can be seen on ABC airing on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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