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'Grey's Anatomy' shocker: Who did April pick?

Sarah Drew
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Tonight fans finally got a new episode of "Grey's Anatomy." The fans have been waiting for weeks. On Feb. 26, The Hollywood Reporter talked to Sarah Drew about who April would choose. Tonight it all went down live and fans were not very happy about the outcome.

April left the wedding with Avery. It looked like she was picking him, but instead she made him pull over and didn't make any decision. The show then moved on to three weeks later and she still hasn't made a decision.

Actress Sarah Drew, who plays April, said that if she was playing matchmaker she would pick Mathew. They are on the same page which of course is important. Jackson is her best friend and knows her better than anyone though. Regardless she has to work with both guys and will need to make a decision eventually. You never know she could just end up single.

At the very end of the episode, it was all revealed. April picked Jackson and they ran off to get married. The two are married and very happy but they haven't told anyone about it yet. This should be coming soon and of course everyone will be shocked.

New episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" air on Thursday nights on ABC.

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