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‘Grey's Anatomy’ season 11 spoilers: Owen’s new love, Calzona’s surrogacy issue

‘Grey's Anatomy’ season 11 spoilers: Owen’s new love, Calzona’s surrogacy issue
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for DGA

The departure of the character of Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) in the season 10 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” worried about the fate of her onetime husband, Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Despite their differences, Owen was still very much in love with Cristina and didn’t want her to leave. According to IB Times on July 24, Owen may find love again but it’s not likely to be any time soon.

It looks as if Owen will be handled in a similar fashion to the way Alex (Justin Chambers) was when Izzie (Katherine Heigl) left. The love and passion ran so deep that it would be impossible for him to move on quickly. He needs time to heal. According to show creator Shonda Rhimes, the writers are “going to give him some opportunities and then dive in when it feels correct." This will allow them to also explore the loneness Owen feels at being left behind.

Fans or the Callie Arizona story are waiting to find out what happens with the whole surrogacy thing. This was the option they settled on for adding to their family after Arizona confessed she didn’t want to carry a baby and Callie found out she couldn’t. The couple has struggled with a number of issues over the past few seasons and their relationship is in danger of shattering if there is one more problem. It looks like they are in for a bumpy road.

Rhimes recently said that "the concept of surrogate reveals more problems than it solves." She added that Season 11 will force them to "face the problems" they have been trying to sweep under the carpet. Could this mean that by the time Season 11 comes to a close there will no longer be a ‘Calzona’?

Kevin McKidd is directing the Season 11 premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy.” It is set to air on Thursday, Sept. 25 and will pick up less than 24 hours after the Season 10 finale stopping point.