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'Grey's Anatomy' season 11 spoilers: More trouble for Calzona ahead

'Grey's Anatomy' season 11 spoilers: More trouble for Calzona ahead
Photo by Michael Buckner

When Season 11 of “Grey’s Anatomy” returns, there will be a lot going on with Mer and Der, Meredith’s new sister, April and Jackson, jo and Alex and so on. One of the couples fans are most curious to learn more about is the Calzona ‘ship. According to International Business Times on Aug. 23, the couple is in for more hard times.

Jessica Capshaw, who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins and comprises one half of the couple, teased fans via her Twitter account recently. “S11 [Grey’s Anatomy Season 11] off to a grand start! Some stuff to make you cry, some stuff to make you laugh & some super duper secret stuff. All in a day's work!”

Now, that doesn’t tell us much but it does catch our interest. She also shared a little intel in some recent interviews. With regard to the couple’s choice to buy a house, she said, "(L)et's paint a picture of where we would be really happy and then let's hope we go there and then get really happy." She added that thought the couple is “making their way,” fans should know "it's not uncomplicated."

Show creator Shonda Rhimes suggested that the decision to try for surrogacy to have another child is just putting a “Band-Aid” on their relationship. She teased the women will ultimately have to make a choice before Season 11 is over.

"How could Arizona say, 'Yes, I could have a baby but I don't want to' and not feel like a Band-Aid for whatever is going on with their relationship?" Shonda said. The surrogacy option allows the "opportunity for [Calzona] to finally explore everything that's wrong and whether or not they should be together at all or whether or not they want to be together at all," she added.

Calzona has been struggling since the plane crash that occurred during the Season 8 finale, the one that ultimately cost Arizona her leg and nearly destroyed their relationship. Just as they seemed to be moving past that, Arizona had an affair with a visiting doctor and the two doctors ended their relationship for a time. Since reconciling, things have been better but there is an underlying “something” still wrong between them. No doubt, that “something” will be what makes us cry.

“Grey's Anatomy” Season 11 premieres Sept. 25 on ABC. We’ll keep you posted with more updates as we can.

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